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Looking for a fun easy way to raise money for your charity or nonprofit?

We help you a smooth, successful auction.

Auctions for a cause have been around for many years, at Noel Auctioneers we have perfected the art of raising top dollar for our clients. Our auctioneers and bid spotters have a combined forty-four plus years of experience in facilitating auctions, online and in person.

Our auctioneers love what they do and let their skills speak for themselves by increasing your donations with some flair. Since the day we opened our doors Noel Auctioneers has raised over 15 million dollars and counting for our clients. Give Noel Auctioneers a call to setup your thirty-minute free consultation for your next benefit auction.

Jonathan Noel, Principal Benefit Auctioneer conducts fundraising auctions throughout the country. We have a professional team of Auctioneers and know how to utilize modern fundraising practices to get the most for your organization. We have solutions in place to assist you and your committee in running an efficient and profitable event. Our staff consists of accomplished Auctioneers with advanced training and experience with all levels of benefits, galas and fundraisers. You can be assured you are working with the highest level of professionalism than ever before!

Live Fundraising Auction
We will be there for you before your event, during, and after, to discuss and debrief on the success of your live auction.

Virtual Fundraising Auction
Virtual events are here to stay, and we like to think we’ve figured out the secret to making online auctions run smooth.

Silent Auctions
No fundraising event is complete without a silent auction. Let us yield higher revenues and increase your donations by implementing a simple silent auction structure.

This is one of the most important nights of the year for your organization and we understand the amount of time and work that goes into planning an event of this level. As your fundraising partner you will profit from our experience of working at premier fundraising events across the country. We will share all the secrets that will put your auction on an all-new level.

From the time we take the stage until the last item is sold, we want you to be assured that you are in capable hands of raising the funds needed and that you will be represented in a manner that you can be proud of. In addition to live auction services, we also could provide professional emcee services, and unlimited one-on-one consultations prior to your event.

Our objective is to provide an entertaining and professional revenue-generating $100,000+ Live fundraising auction for your organization. We will work with your committee to streamline auction procedures. Our goal is to be equal parts brand ambassador and energizing salesperson for your non profit organization. With the same amount of work and effort, I am confident we will exceed results from previous years of fundraising. To accomplish this goal and make a suitable proposal for your auction committee, we want to work together to make this your most successful fundraising year ever. On average we can increase our non-profit partners $25,000-$50,000 in the very first year.

We provide outstanding customer service from the beginning to the end of your auction. If you want a sizzling event, then we are the team to work for you. Noel Auctioneers can help you create an upscale event that everyone will want to attend.

We take your event as serious as you do. We want to share your vision for this event, it is important that we have regular communication throughout the year as your event date approaches. With our firm you will receive free unlimited consultations. This may include:

Advising your committee on how to painlessly ask for the best donations

• Ticket Prices and Sponsor Incentives

• Timing of your event

• Provide a guide for best practices of successful fundraisers and galas

• 35 ways to better prepare your buyers to give on the night of the auction

• 20 ways to energize and engage the entire audience

• Event promotion, professional signage, catalog templates, power point slides

• Full Auction Terms & Conditions

• Additional revenue generators to incorporate into your event

• Exclusive Marketing tips to make your event stand out among others.

• Customized plan on how to display your auction items to potential bidders.

Extra revenue generators such as Premier desserts, specialty wine or bourbon, table upgrade auction PLUS dozens of other great ideas. We engage all your guest!

We have found that beginning with an Ice Breaker, followed by the live auction is the best format to follow. This is quick and rewarding, not to mention a great way to kick off the live auction in a very fun manner. It simply sets the stage. Here is one of the many options we could choose from.

Heads or Tails

A fast, fun game to easily generate $3,000+. So how it works is you charge your attendees to play and use something inexpensive like Mardi Gras beads or blinking bracelets as a symbol to show those who are playing. The game is simple, I flip a coin or use the coin flip app on my phone for heads or tails and the guests choose heads or tails by standing up and putting their hands on their head or their tail. If you choose the wrong one you are out and have to sit down. Last person standing wins an awesome prize that we could decide on.

For the live auction, we like to utilize a bell curve approach where the first few items in the auction will sell at or below fair market value. This “gets the train rolling” and moves up the curve towards the highest priced items. Once the top of the curve is reached, we will start back down toward the last item of the auction. We work our way up to the higher priced items, so they land in the middle of the live auction. For those that attempt but fail at being able to purchase these items they will still have the opportunity to purchase other items during the live auction. This gives the bidders multiple levels of items in which to bid on and an anticipation of what is coming to the auction block next. We will get every dollar possible for each item, but we must keep the event moving along so we don’t lose momentum!

We have other revenue generators we can save for the very end that can sometimes double or triple what donations might bring in a traditional live auction.

One way is by doing a last bidder/hero standing.

Every time a person raises their paddle, it is a $100 donation; the last person
who donates wins the item. This game can take a few moments, so we save it
for the last and when properly executed can be extremely fun and lucrative.

Myself and other auction professional invented the game, and I am considered a master at performing it! We have sold a Big Green Egg Grill for over $9,000
and yeti coolers for as much as $4,000.

Evening of the Auction

  • Auctioneer is onsite prior to event to confirm any last-minute changes
  • PA & Lighting test
  • Personally, man the Live Auction table and answer any auction related questions attendee’s might have
  • Licensed professional fundraising auctioneer to call the auction
  • Professional emcee services INCLUDED FREE OF CHARGE
  • Close silent auctions and provide countdowns for attendees
  • Live appeal (fund-a-need, paddle raise, give to live etc.)
  • Make spotlight announcements during the preview time to bring awareness to
    the live auction items
  • Close the most highly sought-after silent auctions items via “The Auction Walk”

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