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About Us

Who We Are?

We market farms, personal property and heavy equipment across the entire state of Kentucky and offer a free consultation and value analysis to any seller wishing to learn more about the process of selling Real Estate, Personal property and Heavy equipment.  Our auctioneers will help make the process easy for you.   From real estate closings to cleaning the house or barn out we offer full service to help you get the most amount of money for your assets.  Give us a call or drop us a line and let us show you how we can make life easier and less stressful with maximum profit as you consider selling Real Estate, Personal property or Heavy Equipment.

Our Services

  • 100% Confidentiality
  • Free Consultation and Advice
  • Free Marketing Analysis
  • Full Service Beginning To End
  • Listings and Auctions

Auction Specialties

Absolute Auctions

The word absolute is defined as being “free from restriction or limitation.” Absolute auction events are auctions when the product sells to the highest bidder regardless of price.

Auctions with Undisclosed Reserve Price

These are auction events in which the seller and auction firm mutually agree that the product will not sell unless and until an undisclosed reserve price is met or realized. Quite simply, if the auction price does not meet or exceed the reserve price, the property does not sell.

Live Outcry Auctions

These are auction events that are held on site or at a neutral location, and are conducted by the auctioneer “calling the bid” in a traditional auction chant style.

Live/Online Auctions

These are auctions where the seller and buyer can conceivably get the best of both worlds. These auctions combine the “live outcry” method and the “online” auction method. Buyers can choose either to show up at the auction and bid to the auctioneer “live on the lawn” or bid live real time online via the internet. Our firm conducts these type of auctions at most of our events.

Online Auctions Only

These are auctions that are totally conducted and transacted through 100% online bidding via the internet. Typically, these are timed events where the buyer has a certain number of days or hours to competitively bid on property with a designated close time.

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